We partner to provide Peace Education

Peace & youth empowerment
Investing in youth builds strong economies, inclusive communities and vibrant societies.

At young ages, girls and boys begin to interact with the world in new ways – taking chances, learning skills, and experiencing unfamiliar emotions.

In South Sudan, young people are involved in preventing violence, building back economies, driving innovation, transforming leadership, and building peace in their communities. However, their work often lacks recognition and support.

VARD’s adapt The United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2250 (2015) to its program marked a shift in the understanding of who young people are and their role in peace and security.

VARD equally provides space for the youth to apply their skills through peer mediation activities, whereby they employ non-violent measures to address any dispute that arises among their peers.

VARD Youth empowerment program seeks to equip youth people with the knowledge and capacity needed both at an individual and organizational level to enhance their roles toward the achievement of the youth, peace, and security agenda in South Sudan.

How we are helping?


  • Peace education and mediation
  • Youth empowerment for meaningful participation in peace processes
  • Youth dialogue, policy influencing and advocacy on governance, peace and security
  • Facilitating and supporting coordinated actions among youth and youth groups to lead the YPS agenda in the country

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