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All children, adolescents and young people have the right to make their own free and informed choices and to have control over their sexual and reproductive health and lives, nutrition and health decisions.

Girls and young women, in particular, are denied the ability to exercise these rights. Fulfilling the rights of all children, adolescents and young people is fundamental to achieving gender equality. In South Sudan gender inequality and discriminatory social norms mean that girls and young women  often lack the voice, agency and autonomy to make their own decisions in relation to their sexual and reproductive health and are frequently denied access to quality sexual and reproductive health information and services. Good nutrition is the bedrock of women and child survival and development. Well-nourished children are better able to grow, learn, play and participate in their communities. They are also more resilient in the face of crisis.

VARD is strengthening the inter-linkages between the local actors, school teachers and parents thereby improving the present and future health aspects of adolescents in the area through awareness generation and enhancing accessibility to quality SRH services.

How we are helping?

  • Across regions, VARD nutrition programmes share a universal premise: Prevention comes first, in all contexts. Where prevention fails, treatment is a must.  
  • VARD works to prevent all forms of malnutrition by improving children’s and women’s access to nutritious, safe, affordable and sustainable diets. We support quality nutrition, health, water and sanitation, and social protection services that keep children well nourished. We also promote optimal feeding, hygiene and care practices for children and women.
  • VARD prioritizes the early detection, treatment and care of malnourished children to help them survive, recover, and go on to live healthy and productive lives.
  • Through nutrition programmes, we seek to reach children, adolescents and women everywhere – at key moments in life.

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