We partner to provide Safe Spaces

Children Protection
Childhood development offers a critical window of opportunity to shape a child’s holistic development trajectory and build a foundation for their future.

For many millions of South Sudan’s most disadvantaged children – including children living in poverty or affected by conflict and crisis, children on the move, children belonging to communities facing discrimination, and children with disabilities – are missing windows of opportunity.  

Millions of children are not receiving the nutrition or health care they need, growing up exposed to violence, polluted environments, and extreme stress. They miss out on opportunities to learn and are deprived of the stimulation that their developing brains need to thrive. In South Sudan, most children miss out on their parents guidance and caregivers struggle to get the time, resources, and services necessary to provide their children with nurturing care in these .

VARD introduced basic life skills training to children to help them grow into more confident, independent, and social individuals and deal with fears, personal insecurities, and other such situations in a more empowered way.


Displaced and Refugee Children

More than 4.2 million children need immediate assistance due to homelessness in South Sudan.  In South Sudan, Children experiencing homelessness are sick at twice the rate of children who have homes due to poor nutrition and lack of clean drinking water.

How we are helping?

-VARD set up a child friendly space to provide children with a protected environment in which they can participate in organized activities to play, socialize, learn, and express themselves as they rebuild their lives.

-VARD Educates children and the community in IDP and Refugee camp about the rights and welfare of a child to prevent child abuse and promote effective reporting of child abuse.

-VARD provides clean drinking water sources in the public centers and schools, where it can be easly access by displace children.

-VARD introduced mobile clinic for displace children; with the objectives to provide quality health care for displace children.

-VARD provides psychological and trauma healing to children and parent living in IDP and refugee camp.

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